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Are you interested in learning how to play Dungeons & Dragons 5E? Already know how and looking for an adventure to play in for an afternoon? Look no further than GAME DAY at the AMPAC in Weirton, WV.

Saturday November 9th

1:00pm to 6:00pm

Themed One shot 5E Adventures at every table, For Beginners and Intermediate players of all ages.

Entry fee is $10.00. You get to choose the seat at the table you would like to play at for the day.
Concessions will be available throughout the day for snacks and lunch.

Tables and themes are set up by player level

Table 1 - Beginning table - no experience
Gnome band - all Gnomes 1st level beginner game

Table 2 - Beginning table - no experience
Gnome band - all Gnomes 1st level beginner game

Table 3 - Intermediate table - have played
Goblin party - All Goblin Party

Table 4 - Intermediate table - have played
Creepy Themed - Can you survive the Madhouse of Tasha’s Kiss? Or will you go mad trying?

Table 5 - Advanced table - experienced played
The Misfits - The leftovers after all the other parties had picked their bands. Can this ragtag group of misfit characters band together and survive. Can role playing prowess surpass the handicap of completely random rolled characters.

Table 6 - Advanced table - experienced played
Insanity - Characters are all inmates that reside in an insane asylum. Can they ban together and escape the asylum only to find the hole they drop into might be worse.

There will also be tables available to play CCGs, A Board games Corner, VR GAMES and Concessions throughout the day.

Tickets will be available shortly to guarantee your seat and table!

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