Our Story

Ashely Marie Scott ca. 2009

Ashely Marie Scott ca. 2009

Brothers Jeffrey and Shawn Holmes started Striplight Community Theatre  in 2013 to advance the theatrical arts in the Weirton area, and to bring the passion of the theater to people who are in need of a creative outlet to help change their reality. 

From its inception, the theater was going to combine family and community, and with the help of their cousins, Shayne Merideth and Ashley Marie Scott, were on their way to creating their first show, Gypsy.

Tragically, Ashley passed away in October of 2013. She left behind a son, Gabriel, who has since found a love for the theater as well. Jeffrey and Shawn were driven to continue this company in her honor.

Today, SCT is housed in the Ashley Marie Performing Arts Center, in her memory, and to remind us all that tragedy is not confined to the pages of scripts and storybooks.

We invite everyone with a passion for the arts to join us as we continue to build SCT where we believe in “SHINING TOGETHER TO LIGHT UP THE STAGE.”