Hey, here is our info. Go ahead "Boo!" me and see if I jump....

Phone: (304) 914-3248 Email: info@sctwv.org


Join the scariest team in town, drop us a line...
Phone: (304) 914-3248 Email: info@sctwv.org

Build Team - Like to be creative? Building a haunt maze is a different and fun kind of art. It mixes physical building with set dressing, with lighting, with mood, with story, with sound, with perception, with people and all to create a great guest experience.

A Character Actor - Dive into a character with deep emotions. Practice staying in that character while in front of a live audience.

A Pop-Out Actor - Jump out and scare people. It isn’t just about screaming at someone. Practice finding a creepy pose. Practice finding just the right moment and just the right person to scare.

A Tech Actor - Don’t really like make-up and costumes but still want to learn how to scare someone? Try a tech actor - we need responsible people to run technical effects.

Staff - Join in the fun while staying off the scare floor. Volunteers are needed for tickets, concessions, and line control.



Khymira’s Delirium Haunt is located within The Ashley Marie Performing Arts Center at
2850 Weir Avenue, Weirton, WV, 26062

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