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Auditions for Stage & Steel's End Game: The Roleplay

  • The Ashley Marie Performing Arts Center - Home of Striplight Community Theatre 2850 Weir Avenue Weirton, WV, 26062 United States (map)

Audition Announcement

End Game: The Roleplay

Summer 2019

Stage and Steel Productions, a Community Theater with an Edge, strives to create unique productions combining theatre, stage combat, audience participation and technology. We accept auditions from all walks of life and any level of experience. Roles are defined as Fighting or Non-Fighting. Actors auditioning for Fighting roles must be 14 years of age or older.  All actors under the age of 18 must have a parents(or legal guardians) peremision.

Actors accepting parts in a Fighting Role will need to learn how to safely use any of the following: a one handed broadsword, two handed broadsword, hand-to-hand combat, pole, dagger, shield, and potentially others. Training is provided.

Audition Dates: June 1st & 2nd from 4pm to 6pm

Auditions are being held by appointment only

Contact our Director Samuel Kiser by phone at 412-337-8812 or email

What to Expect:

You will need to prepare a modern prepared piece less than 3 minutes in length. Please, no Shakespeare.

There will be a cold read from the script.

For combat roles there will be a simple agility test. Dress comfortable with supportive shoes




WEIRTON, WV, 26062

Directions will be provided when scheduling.

Performance Information:

(please check availability before auditioning)

Show Dates: August 23rd, 24th and 30th, 31st

End Game: The Roleplay

Story Synopsis

After the loss of a friend, Fred, this group of gamers gather together in his memory. They find out that on his request they are to play a game that he had written for them after he was gone. The players grow and change throughout the game as their game characters live the story for the audience. The game was supposed to be finding a treasure, but leads to another quest, one that leads into danger and darkness. See the connections between the players and their characters, as they all pay homage to the passing of a friend.

Role Descriptions

George: (non-combat) The DM or Story Teller of the group. Has a vast imagination but spends most of his time hiding in the basement with his imaginary friends (the audience) due to a childhood experience. He has the capability of being a good friend, a good leader but he needs to trust the world again.

Chrissy: (non-combat) Generally a level headed player who is cautious and thinks things through. Very patient with the others but is insecure with her own abilities and choices.Secretly likes James but is too afraid to say anything to him.

Mika: (combat) A Cleric in the Order of Light, she has followed her mentor’s every footstep. Now that he is gone and his mantel falls upon her shoulders she must find the courage and strength to stand on her own.

Charlie: (non-combat) A young player who just has bad rolls. A nice guy but doesn’t have many social skills. Follows the group as a groupie since he has never had friends before.

Brandis: (combat) Young naïve character who wants to be a hero, wants to do the right thing, but always seems to fail at it.

Justin: (non-combat) An emotional person who’s impatience often leads him to vocal outbursts.

Adaric: (combat) Rash and impatient, lusts after gold, but when pushed and shoved will do the honorable thing.

James: (non-combat) A selfish self-assured guy who looks out for himself so much that he is blind to everything around him but it is all a shield.

Shakarn: (combat) He is that guy, that guy that talks too much, that guy that thinks of himself too much. Always has some cocky come-back and never forgets to joke – not even when his luck has run out.