Audition Information

Striplight Community Theatre welcomes everyone to audition for our productions. Persons of all ethnic origins, ages, and social backgrounds are invited to audition. It’s a diverse world; let’s have a diverse stage! Upon arrival at the audition site, you will be asked to complete an audition sheet and have your photo taken. Please remain as quiet as possible while waiting for your turn to audition. Others need to focus and prepare as well.


Auditions may require a monologue at the director's discretion. We will post if you need to prepare one. If no monologue is required, you will simply read from the script, and sides will be provided at the time of your audition. We will give each of those auditioning time to create their interpretation of the character before being asked to read.


You will need to come prepared to sing, from memory, a musical theatre song. Please bring a 32 bar cut of the sheet music with you in the appropriate key. An accompanist will be provided, but cannot transpose the music you bring. Striplight Community Theatre will only provide sheet music when notified in advance. Please be advised that this is discouraged, as you will have no time to prepare the selection or have the piece transposed. We want everyone to have a chance, so if you need assistance please e-mail us and we will support in any way possible. Once you have been called, proceed to the stage, hand your sheet music to the accompanist, move to center stage, and wait for the director to give you permission to begin. Nod to the accompanist… and SING!!

Dance Call

You may be requested to learn a short dance sequence. You will be put into small groups to learn this number, and then will be asked to perform it for the director and staff. For this reason, please bring comfortable shoes and clothing; something you can move in.


Receiving a callback, means you did something the casting director really liked and/or you have exactly the “right” look or personality for the role. Perhaps you perfectly captured the essence of the character or brought something unique and interesting to your performance. Callbacks are phase two of the audition process and will be more physically demanding. You may need to sing from the show, attend a dance call, and read with others called back as well. Now, NOT getting a call back does not always mean that you will not be in the show. It means that they have seen all they need to see from you at that initial audition in order to either cast you or not cast you.

Important to Remember

If you are not cast, please note that there are many people who audition. We would love to be able to offer everyone the roles that they want, but there aren’t always that many roles available. Note that the casting decision is entirely left to the director, and how he or she views the show. It could be that you are right for a part, but the director has a different vision for the show with something else in mind. Please know that we appreciate your time and talent and would love for you to still be a part of our theatre family; maybe this time backstage, next time onstage! Remember, that when you show enthusiasm to remain engaged with our company it leads to many great opportunities. Striplight Community Theatre cannot put up our productions without technical assistance, run crew, costume and make up design, and front of house crew.